COLGED hood-type dishwasher with full double-skin construction and thermally-acoustically insulated hood.
The hood lifts smoothly and easily with no tight spots, thereby reducing operator fatigue. The hood opening of 46.5 cm is among the highest of products in this market segment, allowing to wash plates up to Φ45 cm and GN1/1 containers.
The tank is entirely press-moulded and equipped with a full-width integral surface filter, which, thanks to its large intake size, is virtually unblock able. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners.
Easy to use with four soft touch keys and a large backlit polychromatic LCD display.
The entire screen changes colour according to the operating status of the machine and the current stage of the wash cycle; this feature, combined with its position above the hood, makes the screen easy to read and interpret even from a distance.
Supplied with 1 plate and 1 glass baskets, and 1 cutlery insert.
14 Wash programs with the shortest being 60s.

Productivity: Up to 1170 plates per hour (with 60 sec cycle)
Rack size: 50×50 cm
Dimensions: 64 x 76 x 157 cm (208 with door open)

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