COLGED front-load dishwasher with 50×60 cm rack, with door opening of 40.5 cm, able to wash up to Ø41 cm dishes and GN 1/1 container.
Full double-skin construction with stratified double-skin construction for the sides of the wash chamber. Full double-skin construction for the door. The tank has press-moulded bottom and is equipped with a full-width integral surface filter, which, thanks to its large intake size, is virtually unblockable. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners. The machine is also equipped with an upper and lower 3 arm rotating spray.

Easy to use, reliable and complete, with four soft touch keys and a 4-character LED display with two lateral indicator bars. Carefully chosen combinations of colours and graphic symbols provide a clear indication of the dishwasher status and wash cycle progress at a glance.
In addition to the operating parameters, such as the temperature of the tank and boiler or the number of cycles completed, the indications provided by the automatic diagnosis system are also displayed.
The information is provided in the form of codes, text, or graphic indicators and colours.
It is possible to adjust the tank and boiler temperatures, the dosing of detergent and rinse aid, while our specialised technicians can modify all the operating parameters of the machine.

Productivity: Up to 1080 plates per hour
Rack size: 50×60 (22 plates of Ø31 cm)
Dimensions: 58x70x129 cm

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