COLGED compact glass washer with 39×39 cm basket, with door opening of 32 cm, able to wash up 30 cm high glasses and up to Ø30 cm dishes.
With full double-skin construction for the door. The pressed rack guides have rounded edges. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners.
Comprised of three sturdy function keys and a LED display which shows the wash and rinse temperatures.
Comes with 2 square baskets for glass, 1 cutlery basket and 1 insert for plates.

Wash programs: three, 90/120/300 seconds, depending on dirt.
Productivity: Up to 30-40 baskets per hour
Rack size: 39×39 cm
Dimensions: 43.6×53.5×67 cm

Kit for double-rack grill
Insert for 8 plates

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