In Japanese, TEPPAN means “steel plate” or “sheet of metal”, and YAKI means “sautéed foods” or the “cooking of sautéed foods”. The TEPPANYAKI plate is located in the centre of the dining room of the restaurant. Customers sit at a table built around the plate and have direct view of the food being cooked. The burners and heating elements are located in the middle part of the plate, which is used for cooking. The side parts, which are indirectly heated, are used for keeping the food warm.
Our TEPPANYAKIS are customized manufactured only. Various models available in gas and electric versions. Special chromium-plated steel cooking plate extremely easy to clean, with high thermal conductivity and low radiation level which prevent useless and bothersome heat dispersion and allow substantial energy savings. Perimeter groove with drain hole and tray to collect cooking residues. The models are floor-standing or on open base or with cabinet.