Our gas GRILLVAPOR® units are renowned for their supreme reliability and easy maintenance.
These GRILLVAPOR® models cook food by heat radiation, using
a system in which each module is equipped with four high efficiency burners positioned to heat special stainless steel domes. The food is never in direct contact with the flame at any stage of the cooking process. The domes are shaped so that the gas can be burned with the aim of using less fuel and securing a real saving for the end user.

Features of POWER GAS Models:

  • made by AISI 304 stainless steel gas
  • cooking surfaces with adjustable temperature
  • bar-type cooking gridirons
  • burners equipped with pilot flame and safety thermocouple
  • new concept patented steel “domes”
  • drawers equipped with manually-loaded water collector
  • LPG gas supply

Available models in 70cm or 90cm depth

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