The 1st Gelato Seminar series was fully booked!

Early February 2019, ANCO Catering Equipment along with CARPIGIANI organized for the first year 3 full-day gelato courses. The courses were presented by our gelato expert Italian Chef Andrea De Bellis, who travelled straight from Italy to our Cooking Lab for the events.  Andrea De Bellis is one of the gelato maestros from CARPIGIANI University in Bologna.

During the courses, the attendees were given the opportunity to learn about gelato and ingredients, creating and balancing the gelato recipe, preparation of the bases and sauces and got a taste of how to become an Italian artisanal gelato maker. During the Advance course, emphasize was give on the maintenance 

Equipment used:

  • Using the PASTOMASTER 60 XPL P, the guests learned all the different steps of pasteurizing and the several programs of the machines
  • With MAESTRO 2, the team prepared hot strawberry sauce and more than 20 different gelato flavours including: banana and nuts using fresh ingredients, strawberry, pistachio and vanilla using gelato ready mixtures, pineapple, mango and many other flavours
  • The FANTASTICK blast freezer was used for fast and efficient crystallization of the gelato products (gelato sticks, gelato cakes, gelato with biscuit etc)
  • All the ingredients were blended using the indispensable instrument, TURBOMIX
  • The participants used the SOFT machine 161 G SP to make gelato in single cups and serve soft gelato

Event facts: 

The 3 days were fully booked and the limited number of seats were taken by gelato store managers, pastry chefs from hotels and restaurants all around the island.
All participants received their certificate at the end of each day.
One of the participants challenged the chef to make a recipe and create a gelato using a local product, “carob syrup” and of course Andrea worked on the recipe and the result was exceptional!
A number of participants asked to complete both Advance and Basic courses, and they did!

Products used: 

Special thanks to MITSIDES GROUP & ARGOSY TRADING for their continues support at Cooking Lab activities
Fresh nuts from the lovely team of “Theoklitos Zorpas o Athienitis 

Breakfast and snacks by Argosy Trading
Additional products by Angeo Ltd

After the success of the 1st series of seminars, the two companies are planning to repeat these events in the near future.

If you want to be in the guest list for the next GELATO COURSE,
give us your Name/Company/Mob.number & email address at or call 22421375.


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