Just arrived! NEW Tecnoeka steam & convection ovens

Tecnoeka: a metallic beating heart, that with passion and experience generates excellence for world gastronomy

Tecnoeka manufactures professional ovens Eka branded for restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops. Professionals around the world rely on the products and on the basis of the key principles of the company’s corporate philosophy
We satisfy our customers with reliable products characterized by quality, efficiency, technical progress, ease of use and optimal performance.
Our goal is to continuously improve, by simplifying the work of those who use our equipment.
Source: https://www.tecnoeka.co.uk/azienda/ 

Visit our showroom in Nicosia and take a look at the new products: 
  • Simple and easy to use with manual controls.
  • Perfect & simple cooking for gastronomy and bread & pastries but also pizza and leavened products.
  • Robust and reliable allows maximum diversification of cooking as needed thanks to the direct steam feature.
  • Uniform cooking with 2 bidirectional fans.
  • Models available for pastry trays 60x40cm or GN1/1 trays
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