ANCO introduces Dry Aging Systems by Arredo Inox & Primeat

In September 2018 ANCO is introducing Dry Aging Systems with Arredo Inox producing Maturemeat cabinets and Primeat cabinets by Cabi Srl. 

A few words about the companies; the Italian producer was established in 1990 by Allesandro Cuomo, who was determined to succeed and currently the company holds the license to produce 5 patents and 12 trademarks! The company owns 2 faculties that total around 10.000m2 and produces professional equipment and industrial refrigeration systems for dry aging, distributed all around the world.

ARREDO INOX, Food Transformation System

Design: We design innovative systems for food transformation and storage, focusing mainly on meats, dairy, fish, pasta and fruits. The systems designed by Arredo Inox Srl., are oriented to traditional conservation and transformation through multiple processes such as salting, smoking, seasoning and drying. We design “New Food Concepts” for catering, processing and collective marketing professionals.

Prototyping: The company produces prototypes for specific needs, as well as customized solutions for preexisting food storage and processing units. We produce prototypes upon request according to specific usage requirements. By using AutoCAD (CAD) we design a 3D model, using Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) we transfer the digital language into a series of physical commands to be carried out on numerical control machines (CNC). We also conduct an analysis of production costs with a bill of materials (BOM). We can create a Miniseries or small number of models for you, and if needed, we will provide certification.

Production: Many years of experience combined with modern machinery, allows for considerable flexibility during production. Every step of the way, the creation of the patented products (or your ideas) are carried out at our facilities in a complete chain, from the initial concept or drawing to final testing and certification. They are then able to successfully complete your order or project, and deliver it within a short period of time. Combine all that, with our high standards of quality control for all large, medium and small-scale projects

As stated, the vision of our new partner, is “To protect and promote the production and consumption of typical and traditional Italian style and non-Italian style foods”.

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PRIMEAT, Dry Ageing System 

The Primeat cabinets are not just meat displays, they are patented systems able to preserve meat under save and legal  conditions, for short, medium and long term Dry aging. More information about the Primeat models here: 


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