Magirevo Kypriaka 2014 (Μαγειρεύω Κυπριακά)

This is the 2nd year that Chef George Kyprianou of Intercollage University Nicosia and the Cyprus Food Museum organize the  «Magirevo Kipriaka» coking competition. The title stands for “Cooking Cypriot food” and the participants are only young students and children who compete using their cooking skills in Cypriot food.

The event was held on May 3rd and 4th 2014 at the cooking workshops of Intercollege Nicosia. During the event the visitors could attend speeches and visit the outside area to enjoy and try some traditional Cypriot food and sweets made at the spot.

The first day, the competitions of younger age took place and high school students and secondary technical school students competed on the second dat. The judges of the competition consisted of culinary art teachers, representatives of Cyprus Chefs Associations, confectioners, representatives of Cypriot Food Museum and representatives of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education.

ANCO could not be absent from such an event which encourages youngsters to cook and promote our island’s cuisine. Congratulations to the organizers and the students for their love in Cyprus cuisine!

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