The GASTRΟNOMIA –GASTROGNOSIA exhibition was created in 1995 and its purpose was to cover the needs of the Cypriot professionals in the food and beverage area.

The exhibition took place on the 4th of February 2010 and lasted three days. It was organized with co-operation with the CYPRUS CHEFS ASSOCIATION (CCA), The Confectioners Federation and the Pancyprian Bakers Association. GASTRONOMIA –GASTROGNOSIA is open for the public giving the companies a unique opportunity to make their products famous through consuming

ANCO takes part in this exhibition for the last years and holds a very important role within the catering equipment companies exhibiting at GASTRΟNOMIA–GASTROGNOSIA. ANCO was not only one of exhibitors but ANCO and ANGELO PO were the main sponsors of the live cooking competitions organized by the Cyprus Chefs Accosiation (CCA) during the exhibition days. The sponsorship consists of providing fully equipped kitchens for the competitions’ requirements.