Insulated convection cooled transport trolley for GN1/1 or GN2/1 for distribution and storage of cold food with active cooling. The temperature can be set down to +3 to +10 ºC depending on the surrounding temperature.
The control panel has variable setting with a digital display. An indicator light comes on for easy monitoring when the temperature is correct. Equipped with door sensors to stop the fan when the door is opened, to improve ergonomics and energy efficiency. Convection fan cooling ensures a completely uniform temperature throughout the cabinet as well as to make possible a quick cool-down time as well as recovery of cold after door openings.Ergonomic push/handles and ventilation in door.Door opening 270ºC and fixed with magnet.Solid plastic-covered bumper around it that protects against collisions.It is consisted by 14-16 sets of detachable runners and the space among them is 80 mm.Castors with ø160, two fixed & two swivel.Loading capacity per set of runners, 10 kg.Outside in fibreglass reinforced laminate.